Kansas Health Care Stabilization Fund
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Online HCSF Compliance Lookup Tool


If you are a Kansas.gov Subscriber

Online HCSF Compliance Lookup Tool

Click Here: https://www.kansas.gov/hcsf/

If you forgot or need to reset a password

Please contact the Kansas.gov Help Center at (785) 296-5059 or (800) 452-6727 or https://portal.kansas.gov/contact/ .


If you are not a Kansas.gov Subscriber

Please follow these steps.

To access the Online HCSF Compliance Lookup Tool you will need a subscription from Kansas.gov. To obtain a subscription you will need to complete an application. The link to subscribe through Kansas.gov is https://portal.kansas.gov/subscribers/ .

Once you have received your account number and your UserID from Kansas.gov, you will need to provide an email request to Scott.Davison@ks.gov to obtain access to the Online HCSF Compliance Lookup Tool. In that request you will need to provide your account number and full name of all users that need access with their UserID included.

Once the request is received, we will then send a faxed letter giving written permission to the Kansas.gov Help Center staff to grant access to the Online HCSF Compliance Lookup Tool for the entire list of UserIDs you provided. We will also send a notification through email informing Kansas.gov that we have faxed the permission letter and will Cc you on the email as well.

Kansas.gov Help Center should notify you once access is granted and the work is complete.

Compliance records accessed from this lookup tool are available via a statewide eGovernment collaboration between the Information Network of Kansas, Inc. (INK) and network manager Kansas Information Consortium, LLC (KIC) and not directly from the Health Care Stabilization Fund database files maintained in the office of the Health Care Stabilization Fund.

It is not permissible to utilize any information obtained from this Compliance Lookup Resource Tool for the purpose of solicitation.